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When a novice reads a wine label, chances are he’s going to be very much out of his depth and confused. Even though newer wine producing regions state the grape variety and the region clearly, the older regions are not in this habit. They expect a wine buyer or consumer to have enough familiarity to read their label correctly. This is a situation in which knowledge of wine comes in handy. Ponti Grand Cru Wine Searcher is a great help in educating people about wines and the myriad details associated with them.

Vintage wines

Vintage wines are those which are produced in a particular year, usually a good year. These vintage wines command a higher price on the market when compared to the others. Bordeaux and Burgundy are the most common vintage wines around but the fact of the matter is that not too many people have heard of many other names or even know what a vintage wine is. Ponti Grand Cru Wine Searcher plans to rectify this situation by building up their collection of vintage vines.

Wine tasting

A lot of importance is placed on wine tasting and how to go about it. The steps include sniffing the wine in a goblet, swirling it around, taking a small sip and swishing it around in your mouth. The reasoning behind this long, drawn-out process is that the refined flavours of wine come out only this way. If it’s just gulped down, most of the beautiful taste is lost to the drinker.

Temperatures at which wines are to be served are still a matter of contention because of the number of opinions out there. The general rule is to drink white wines at slightly lower temperatures than red ones.

Storing wine

A great amount of care goes into storing wines properly. The right temperature, the correct angle, the cork; everything matters. A high quality vintage wine, matured over years, can be spoilt in a matter of hours because of careless storage. Storing wines at home is easy enough if a few things are kept in mind. These are to store the bottles horizontally, away from direct heat and sunlight and to avoid vigorous shaking. These simple steps ensure that the wines are preserved beautifully. The ideal place for wine enthusiasts is Ponti Grand Cru Wine Searcher where many events for exchange of opinions and ideas take place.

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    Savouring Vintage Wines

    Everything you want to know about vintage wines

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