Choosing the Best Italian Wine

By just looking at the label of an Italian wine bottle, you will be able to gather most of the information that you need. For instance, all the wines that come from a good brewery will have details such as the name of the brewery or producer, the region where the grapes for the wines harvested and also the type of wine it is. This would tell you that you are buying a white or red wine and even the blend. Similarly, you will also know the vintage from this very label.

Buying a good Italian wine need not burn a hole in your pocket, because there are several breweries all over the country which are now offering reasonably priced wines, which are just as delicious!

About us

The Ponti Group

Ponti Grand Cru is part of Ponti Group with the main focus on fine quality vintage wines from the best regions of the world.

With over 25 years’ passion in wine, we always have great interest in mature vintage fine wines. From Bordeaux to Napa, our collection never fails to impress wine lovers with wide range of styles beyond imagination.

Our Team

To cope with the increasing demand for fine and rare wine, Ponti Grand Cru gathers a team of dynamic wine enthusiasts to meet the challenge.

Our goal is to build a collection of the best and rarest vintages not limited to Bordeaux and Burgundy, but also Italian, Napa, Spanish and other hidden gems from around the world.

Extensive care has been taken from importing, storage to delivery. All our wines are transferred with air-conditioned facilities. Our private warehouse in Hong Kong run by our in-house logistics team ensures best handling with timely delivery. 

Event, Promotions & more

The best of wine is about sharing. Our regular themed wine dinners and tastings offer a good opportunity to share the best-kept secret in vintage fine wines. Not only event participants, everyone can share the joy through our webpage or social media. Our platform also allows our member to search for their favorites, send enquiries and receive tailored promotions according to their preference.