More About Bordeaux Wine

One of the largest wine growing areas, Bordeaux is a true contradiction. Not only does this area provide some of the most common and reasonably priced tables wines, but also some of the most expensive and precious wines known to the wine loving world. There are beautiful reds, whites, sparkling wines and even some special rosés that originate here. The types of grapes that are used in the wines here are classified as Merlot, Cabernet Franc and perhaps the most famous, Cabernet Sauvignon.

While a lot of people might not know, most of the red Bordeaux wine is created using a blend of different grapes. Some of the most popular regions in Bordeaux include Pomerol, St-Emillion, Graves, Medoc and Pessac-Legnan. As mentioned before, there are several reasonably priced wines from this region, but reading the label will give you a clear image of the region and château from where it comes. The latter aspects are what decide how expensive the bottle will be! One of the best things about a good Bordeaux wine is that you could either pick a bottle that you can drink almost immediately or think of aging it. A lesser vintage would mean that you can store and age it and a lesser château would mean that you can enjoy it today.